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Which Valet?

It is important when selecting your valet that all your requirements are going to be covered. The services detailed on the price list are set valets, however you may require something in between or extras.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or if you book a specific valet and are unsure that some aspects will be covered, ask the valeter for his opinion and a price prior to starting the service.

Bronze: Our basic valet. This is designed for a weekly/fortnightly or even monthly service, depending on the usage of the vehicle. The vehicle would be of a reasonable standard and only requiring 'topping up' and bringing the vehicle back to a good standard. Basically a wash/hoover/clean dash/windows/dress tyres.

Silver: This valet will bring your car back to a stunning showroom standard. For people who care about their vehicle and want to protect the paintwork. In addition to the Bronze the paintwork will be polished with a high grade Autoglym polish, leaving your car gleaming as it should be! This service could be monthly to quarterly (with maybe a Bronze in between).

Gold: If your vehicle hasn't been cleaned for sometime or maybe your looking to sell it then this valet is the one for you.. If the seats and/or carpets have become grubby or have stains from spilt drinks etc, which will devalue your car and put off prospective buyers, then this valet will do the trick.